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Jacob Fischer trio feat. Francesco Calí (IT) 
Jacob Fischer : Guitar
Francesco Calí : Accordion
Hugo Rasmussen : Kontrabas
Janus Templeton : trommer

Med udgivelsen af CDen "Jacob Fischer trio feat Svend Asmussen" er en af Danmarks travleste musikere endelig sprunget ud som kapelmester. Hugo Rasmussen på bas og Janus Templeton på trommer giver en ideel platform til at udforske alle jazzens farver. Med den Sicilianske accordeon virtuos Francesco Calì som gæstesolist hos denne eminente trio er der lagt op til en aften hvor musikken får et mere romantisk og sydlandsk skær - jazz med middelhavs stemning.
Repertoiret byder bl.a. på numre af Django Reinhardt og noget fantastisk musik af Nino Rota fra Fellinis film foruden nogle nye numre Jacob Fischer har skrevet i Django-stil - meget passende i anledning af at den legendariske sigøjnerguitarist Django Reinhardt ville være fyldt 100 år i 2010.

Jacob Fischer Francesco Calí Photo: Lasse Seger


Jacob Fischer Trio and Francesco Calí.

Guitarist Jacob Fischer is one of the most critically acclaimed jazz musicians of Denmark. His fifteen years with the violinist Svend Asmussens quartet has made him well-known also outside the jazz circles. It is no surprise that his joint venture with the Italian accordionist Francesco Calí has rendered fantastic reviews.
In addition to Jacob, his trio consists of the danish jazz legend Hugo Rasmussen, bass, and the very fine drummer Janus Templeton.

It seems that people relate emotionally to the very sound of acoustic guitar and accordion -
I don't think I ever played in a band that received as many standing ovations as the collaboration between my trio and Sicilian Accordion player Francesco Calí.

MP3s two of my tunes:
Frere Joseph

Jacob Fischer trio feat. Francesco Calí (IT)
Jacob Fischer : Guitar
Francesco Calí : Accordion
Hugo Rasmussen : Bass
Janus Templeton : Drums

The release of bestselling CD "Jacob Fischer trio feat Svend Asmussen" in 2008 marked the beginning of guitar virtuoso Jacob Fischers life as a bandleader after several decades as an extremely busy sideman.

The rhythm section of solid veteran bassist Hugo Rasmussen and young imaginative drummer Janus Templeton gives an ideal platform for exploring all the colors of the jazz palette.

Sicilian Accordionist Francesco Calì adds a charming mediterranean flavour to the music which covers Jacob Fischer originals, some wonderful Nina Rota scores from Fellinis movies and songs by Django Reinhardt - very appropriate as Djangos centennial is celebrated in 2010.
Played by four musicians who see no reason to hide the fact that they love to play music.